Video: how to backup your data – the Golden Rule of Backing Up

(Or, how to ensure you never need data recovery!)

The idea: “Keep 2, and ideally 3, copies of your data in 2, and ideally 3, separate physical locations”.

How to do it: As a basic example, you may have your data:
1. stored on your computer;
2. regularly backed up on a connected external hard drive; and
3. periodically backed up on a portable hard drive that is stored elsewhere.

To make your own backup plan, think about what could go wrong:

Risk: Virus infection or ransomware attack on your main computer.
Solution: Your backup should be offline, thus unaffected by the attack.

Risk: Fire or theft in your home or office.
Solution: One of your backup copies should be in a different physical location to your other copies.

In short, keep your data stored in such a way that you’re resilient to common risks.

(Because a walk in the bush beats a talk at the office!)