Deleted or Damaged File Recovery

Data Retriever specialises in logical data recovery, including scenarios where you can see a particular file or folder but are unable to open it (or it opens with errors); where files have been accidentally or maliciously deleted; or simply from malware or virus infections that wreak havoc on your file system.

A failing hard drive or disk array on RAID or NAS can cause trouble, as can user error (even though we don’t like to admit it sometimes!) and bugs or glitches in software. We’re equipped to help you safely and quickly in most cases with restoration and repair as needed. We can work with common file types and even some obscure database and archive file types, including email database files, many POS and financial system file types, SQL data file sets and most file archive types such as ZIP, TAR, RAR, 7ZIP, GZIP, and more. We can also assist with recovery and/or repair of Microsoft Office documents and other common document and email file formats.

More than other recovery types, it is imperative you halt all actions on your computer as soon as you become aware of a logical problem. Data recovery is most successful when your damaged file system is preserved as closely as possible to its original, correct state. DIY repairs can be risky if poorly executed – we can offer support and advice that could even help you get yourself out of trouble – as long as you get in touch first, before taking any action! You’ll find us to be honest, transparent, helpful and professional.


Top-Notch Service

We never charge for our evaluation of your failed hard disk drive. As always, we strive to provide you with relevant and clear information in a pressure-free manner, helping you to make an informed decision about how to proceed from that point. We’re available for contact at any point before, during and after your recovery – please call or email any time for friendly and professional assistance and advice, or if you’re ready to send your drive in for a free inspection and quote, you may review our process and prices before making a booking.